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Vision and Mission


To achieve true peace and reconciliation built upon knowledge and understanding of the true history of World War II in Asia.


To promote global awareness, knowledge and recognition of the history of WWII in Asia, and to educate the younger generations the values of humanity and global citizenship through learning, engagement and participation.


This history needs to be taught; not to lay blame, but to promote reconciliation. Future generations need to know the historical truth, the justice that the victims deserve, and to recognize that under certain circumstances all people can have the capacity to be a perpetrator. The goal of this approach to teaching the history of WWII in Asia is to empower students to pursue peace and social justice as global citizens.

Targeted Initiatives:

  • Public Awareness and Education
  • Youth Education and Activism
  • Resource support for researchers on WWII in Asia
  • International dialogue for reconciliation, lasting peace, and global citizenship

  • The world’s first organized effort to promote Iris Chang’s book ‘The Rape of Nanking - The Forgotten Holocaust of WWII’ in December 1997. It was a resounding success with 2,000 books sold across Canada, before the Book became a Best Seller in the New York Times;
  • Ontario incorporated the History of WWII in Asia in Grade 10 history curriculum in 2005, the first western jurisdiction to do so for a course which is compulsory in the school system;
  • From 2004 to 2011, over 180 educators from Canada and around the world have joined ALPHA’s study-tours to China, Korea, and Japan, equipping our teachers with knowledge and confidence to teach this history in classrooms;
  • Publishing the teaching resource guide ‘Search for Global Citizenship: Violations of Human Rights in Asia 1931 – 1945’;
  • A package of related teaching and other resources, including books and CDs and DVDs, was delivered to every of the over 900 public, catholic, and private high schools in Ontario in 2006;
  • Successfully lobbied the federal Government to pass Motion 291, with a 50,000 signature-petition and testimonials of grandmas from China, Korea, the Philippines, and the Netherlands given to parliamentary hearing;
  • The Motion, condemning Japan for continuing refusal to acknowledge and admit responsibility for ‘Comfort Woman’ atrocity, and urging Japan to make a sincere apology to the victims, passed unanimously in the House of Commons on Nov. 28, 2007;
  • The American Congress, the Dutch and the European Union Parliaments passed similar motions from July to Dec. 2007, the first time the West joined together condemning Japan for its post-war behaviour;
  • The Docudrama, ‘Iris Chang -The Rape of Nanking’, 2 years in the making, finally completed in time for the 70th Anniversary of the Rape of Nanking, premiered in Toronto on Nov. 10, 2007. Toronto ALPHA raised 1.5 million dollars Canadian to tell Iris Chang’s life story on film as it relates to the Rape of Nanking;
  • The award-winning docudrama, with subtitles in 7 different languages: English, French, German, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Japanese, and a study-guide that can be downloaded from our website, is now being used as an educational tool in all high schools in Toronto and other academic institutions;
  • Successfully organized the first post-war International Conference for Educators in Toronto in October 2010, attended by over 300 teachers and 250 high school students;
  • Connecting with peace activists and scholars from North America, Europe, and Asia in a truly concerted effort to preserve the truth of history of WWII in Asia. They have all been impressed and inspired by the work of Toronto ALPHA.
  • Besides BC and Toronto ALPHA, the formation of ALPHAs in Ottawa, Edmonton, Halifax and Japan.

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