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​Media Release


“The Path From Amnesia to Remembrance”

- Toronto ALPHA announces commemorative events for the 75th Anniversary of Nanking Massacre

This December 2012 marks the 75th Anniversary of Nanking Massacre – the forgotten holocaust during WWII in Asia. Horrific in intensity and scale, this dark chapter of human history remains relatively obscure in public awareness, while the memories and legacies of this chapter of the history are alive today and continue to influence our world. The Toronto Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia will be holding events in Toronto, as well as all across North America and Hong Kong, which are open to community members, students and educators. Together we will move along the path from amnesia to remembrance.


As part of the commemoration, Toronto ALPHA has invited Ms. Tamaki Matsuoka - a passionate Japanese peace activist who has tirelessly collected hundreds of first-hand accounts from veterans and survivors of the Nanking Massacre to recount the event in her documentary film “torn memories of Nanking”, along with Mr. Chu-Yeh Chang, a survivor and eyewitness of Nanking Massacre, for the candlelight vigil and community forum on Dec 9th 2012. Additionally, Toronto ALPHA is co-organizing two student conferences on “History meets Humanity” with Toronto District School Board, Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board, Ryerson Students’ Union, and Ontario Human Rights Commission. Mr. George McDonnell – Canadian author and former Prisoner of War in Hong Kong during WWII, has been invited to speak to high school students about remembering the past and understanding humanity values. A lunch program in celebration of International Human Rights Day will be sponsored by Ontario Human Rights Commission. More details of the commemorative events are as follows:



Nov 27 – Dec 2

Photo Exhibition on WWII in Asia

City of Toronto Rotunda

100 Queen Street West, Toronto


Dec 9, 6 – 9:30 pm

“The Path From Amnesia to Remembrance”

– Candlelight Vigil and Community Forum with Japanese peace activist and Nanking Massacre Survivor

OISE Auditorium

Room G 162, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto


All public events are free of charge and open to everyone. For further inquiries please contact Toronto ALPHA at, or 416-299-0111.



Dec 10

“History meets Humanity” Student Conference with TDSB

Ryerson University, LIB 072

350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON

Co-organizers: Toronto District School Board, Ontario Human Rights Commission, Ryerson Students’ Union


Dec 11

“History meets Humanity” Student Conference with DPCSB

Blessed Trinity

2495 Credit Valley Road, Mississauga, ON

Co-organizers: Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School, Ontario Human Rights Commission


Students and teachers from TDSB and DPCSB can register to the conference through, or 416-299-0111.


During the press conference, highlights were given to the community initiatives that have been planned for the upcoming commemoration in December. Dr. Joseph Wong – Founder and Chair of Toronto emphasized the importance of raising awareness amongst the communities in Toronto on the forgotten holocaust in Asia as a reminder to the public of human capacity of cruelty.


Kristyn Wong-Tam –Toronto Centre-Rosedale City Councillor announced the details of the photo exhibition at the Toronto City Hall to commemorate the 75thAnniversary of Nanking Massacre, and explained the significance of recognizing the history of WWII in Asia in a city as diverse as Toronto. She also explained the difficulty she has faced in requesting the Mayor’s office to proclaim the week of Dec 10th – Dec 14th as “Nanking Massacre Educational Awareness Week”, but she believes many other city councillors will join her and support an important cause. 


Ashley Shin is a member of the Toronto ALPHA Youth Ambassadors Board. She shared her personal experience of bridging between university students and Toronto ALPHA to promote awareness of WWII atrocities in Asia, and the importance for the next generation to learn atrocities like the Nanking Massacre to understand the present world.


The Central Coordinating Principal of the Toronto District School Board – Frank Liu, highlighted the upcoming “History meets Humanity” student conference in December, and explained the role of educators in ensuring that students learn global citizenship values outside of classrooms. As a past Toronto ALPHA Study Tour participant, Mr. Liu connected history learning to important lessons for Canadian students regarding cultural diversity, ethical imagination, and critical thinking in Canada.


Charles Leskun of Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board shared his passion for social justice education and his view on the significance of passing this piece of history to students. As a co-organizer of the “History meets Humanity” conference on Dec 11th, Mr. Leskun believes that learning about historical wrongdoings can help students understand how to foster a peaceful future.  

ALPHA’s 2012 Fundraising Dinner “Building Hope”


Eight years ago when Toronto ALPHA organized its first fundraising dinner, it was titled “A Ray of Hope” and was

inspired by Iris Chang’s unfaltering spirit to pursue justice for all victims of WWII in Asia. Since then, the organization has continued her legacy by committing to unearth this forgotten chapter of history with a mission to seek truth and celebrate justice, humanity, global citizenship, peace and reconciliation.

This year, Toronto ALPHA sincerely invites its supporters to “Build Hope” with them,

and witness how the younger generations are responding to the cause and vision of ALPHA over the past years.


Sarah Bleiwas and Sally Ding, project

coordinators of ALPHA who are also responsible for many youth programs such as HumaniTEAM summer leadership and internship programs, explained how the programs inspired students to understand the essence of humanity through the learning of the WWII atrocities. Many of them have changed their perspectives on global peace and their potential to make changes to social injustice and the world at large. 

One of them is the founder and Executive

Director of University of Toronto ALPHA Saerom Youn.  Learning about ALPHA through her volunteer work at one of the events, she was shocked by her ignorance to atrocities outside the scope of the Korean context. The mission and vision of ALPHA resonated with her view on peace and reconciliation through communication and knowledge.  Her strong sense of justice confirmed her determination to take action and organized the University of Toronto ALPHA.  She then shared her personal experience to become the bridge between university fellow students and ALPHA in promoting awareness of the WWII history and the mission of ALPHA on global peace and racial harmony.


In order to promote more awareness of the

post-war legal implications of the war crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Army among law faculties and students in the western world, ALPHA partnered with the International Human Rights Program, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto to launch a research internship for law students of the Faculty in the summer of 2012.  Two candidates were selected and were sent to the National Archive in Washington DC, China, Korea and Japan to conduct research on two different legal issues arisen from the WWII atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII period in Asia. One of the selected students Glenn Brandys who focused his research on “Forced Labour Claims Arising from World War II in Asia” discussed his findings on the obstacles facing ‘forced labour’ claims in Japanese court even in the light of undisputable evidence and documentation. 

He further shared how he witnessed the persistence of many survivors and activists who are still fighting on for a just closure of the war-time ordeals. 

Another key youth volunteer of ALPHA Clara Wong shared the ideas of forming ALPHA youth Ambassador Board and explained her role as a leader in the youth ambassador team and discussed the progress they have made in promoting awareness among various youth group.


After the speeches made by the young people who had altogether formed a strong supporting group to the future development of ALPHA’s mission, Toronto ALPHA’s Founder and Chair Dr. Joseph Wong concluded by explaining why the 2012 Fundraising Dinner is titled “Building Hope”. The program of the dinner will highlight the hope brought by the youth people and how they have brought changes to their lives, in their school and communities.  He highlighted the new initiatives and milestones lay by Toronto ALPHA in the past year, and sincerely thanked the various school boards, media and community groups for their unwavering generosity and support.


The education work of ALPHA relies on the generosity and support of different communities and the annual fundraising dinner is the primary source of financial funding for the organization.  Therefore Toronto ALPHA invites the public to participate in this worthy cause by joining the fundraising dinner.

2012 marks a particularly important year as

it is the 75th Anniversary of the Nanking Massacre and the 5th Anniversary of the passage of the Canadian Parliamentary motion on Japanese Military Sexual Slavery in the House of Commons. Toronto ALPHA has organized a series of public and educational commemorative events, details of which will be announced at the fundraising dinner.


For more information about the fundraising dinner,

please call 416-299-0111 or



Toronto ALPHA 2012 Fundraising Dinner

Date:                               November 4, 2012 (Sunday)

Time:                              Reception - 5:30pm


- 6:30pm

Venue:                           Le Parc Conference & Banquet Centre  

8432 Leslie Street, Thornhill

Ticket:                            $80 / $120 (Patron)

/ $50 (Student)

Enquiry:                         416-299-0111 /













Sarah Bleiwas和來自南京的丁姍姍是史維會的項目主任。他們負責的多個青年項目,當中包括 ’HumaniTEAM’ 青年領袖訓練夏令營及Youth Dialogue「青年對話」。這些項目鼓勵學生們透過了解二戰期間暴行,學習維護正義與人道精神的重要性。許多曾參予青年項目的學生都表示對世界和平加深了認知並願意為社會正義作一分貢獻。



Youn 亦在會中分享她的經歷。她在二○一○年首次作為志願者參予史維會舉辦的亞洲二戰世界學術及教育交流會議後,為自己對朝鮮以外發生的日軍暴行的無知感到非常驚訝。透過更多的瞭解和學習,她完全認同史維會的願景,對世界和平與種族和解的使命產生了共鳴。為此帶來的正義感堅定了她的決心籌辦多倫多大學史維會。她表示此分部是多倫多大學生和史維會之間的橋樑,並希望透過不同的活動和講座能促進年青人對二戰史及史維會使命的認識。








在撰寫他的研究報告時,Glenn 感慨說 :「即使存在著大量無可置疑的證據和文件,強迫勞動的索賠在日本法院卻一直無法獲勝」。但他被許多戰爭幸存者及其他支持者的堅持信念和不屈精神而感動。他渴望日後亞洲二戰的法律問題會得到更多注視。









# # #








日期: 十一月四日 (星期日)

時間: 下午五時三十分酒會



Le Parc Conference & Banquet Centre

8432 Leslie Street, Thornhill


$80 / $120(贊助票) / $50(學生)

查詢: 史維會

416-299-0111 /




【2011年7月13日 ,多伦多】 多伦多亚洲二战实史维护会 (“多伦多史维会”) 2011年“和平与和解学习之旅”考察团今天离开多伦多飞赴北京,开始为期16天的对中国四地及韩国首尔的实地参观考察. 报名参加今年由史维会资助及筹办的 “和平与和解学习之旅”考察团的申请者, 较以往六次都要多。经过几轮严格的筛选和考察,组委会最终确认了来自加拿大安大略、阿尔伯塔和英属哥伦比亚等三个省, 以及来自美国、 德国和日本的27位教育工作者、  史实研究人员和大学及中学的管理人员参加2011年度的“和平与和解学习之旅”。 

多伦多史维会副主席, 也是本年考察团行程总监的刘美玲女士在介绍今年的考察团时说:“今年的考察团于7月13日出发, 为期16天;除了27名教育工作者外,还有美、加两国将近10名多义工随队出发.   团员中包括11名安省老师, 来自阿省和英属哥伦比亚省的老师各6名, 来自美国新泽西州的2人, 另有来自德国和日本的研究人员和学者各1人.   今年考察团中有四人有博士学位,  此外, 我们还很荣幸地邀请到了多伦多市教育局教育委员陈圣源先生随行.” 

在紧密的的行程中,   考察团团员将面见大屠杀亲历者,  学者和研究人员及参观博物馆等地.   多伦多史维会希望通过这样一次终生难忘的经历,   可以让参加的教师或教育界人士可以更好地了解和见证历史.

团员将先在北京与中?社?科?院近代史研究所所长步平会面并了解中日韩三国共同历史研究之发展.   此外,  亦会了解有关二战期间中国劳工在日本强制劳动,   日军“慰安妇”的有关情况及会见幸存者和维权律师康健女士.    第二站,团员将赴哈尔滨参观侵华日军731部队罪证陈列馆,   了解侵华日军在华进行人体生物试验和化学武器实验的真实历史情况及和幸存者或受害者座谈.   随后考察团将于19日将到达南京,除了参观侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆和南京大学拉贝与国际安全区纪念馆外,还将和南京师范大学历史系教授兼南京大屠杀研究中心主任张连红教授座谈,   了解新近出版的《南京大屠杀史料集》出版的情况;和大屠杀亲历者及致力于历史真相研究的日本退休教师松岗环女士(Ms. Tamaki Matsuoka)等人见面.   考察团在华的最后一站将是上海,   全体团员将在这里和上海师范大学历史系主任,   中国慰安妇研究中心主任苏智良教授见面,   并参观在华日军慰安妇场地旧址等.

在中国的行程结束后,   考察团将马上奔赴首尔.   在这里,  考察团员将有机会见到韩裔的日军慰安妇受害者,  了解他们每周一次在日本驻韩国大使馆门前的抗议活动.   团员还将和来自韩国和日本的教师或教育界人士畅谈“和平与和解”这个永恒的话题.   团员们还将在途中以日记的形式写下他们的切身感受,   并在考察结束后继续互相分享和交流.   

王裕佳医生又称,   1997年史维会成立前,   加拿大主流社会曾将二战时的欧、亚两个战场的历史作双重标准看待.   值得欣慰的是到今天,  多伦多教育局已将日本侵华历史列入中学课程,   亦有很多曾参与过考察团的老师回来后选写中日战争史供学生参考.   所以日本侵华早已不只是华人的历史,   而是整个加拿大社会都非常关心的历史.   

2011 年考察团的两位随团老师曾亲自参加过2007 年的“和平与和解学习之旅”考察活动.  Deepa Karamjeet  女士和  Laura Jones   女士都是多伦多市教育局的老师,  他们分享道: “作为随团老师,  我们的目标是教育我们的学生,  也是明天的社会公民,   所有那些发生在1937年以后的悲剧.    这不仅仅是史实,   也是为了让类似的悲剧永远不会重演,  更重要的是创建所有卷入战争的人民之间的和平与和解.  我们衷心希望所有团员都能通过考察、学习和思考,   为今后课堂授课时在讲解有关和平、 同情与怜悯、同感与共鸣、 社会公义、理解与尊重和从人性化的角度来看问题等话题时,   能因为参加了考察团而大有收获.  ”多伦多市教育局教育委员陈圣源先生 (Mr. Shaun Chen)也对此行满怀期待,  陈委员曾于数年前与其他教师向教育局呈递动议,   实现了把“种族灭绝”的课程纳入教学大纲.   他认为: “二战期间在亚洲发生的悲剧永远不应被忘记.   只有了解过去才能让后世有更好的将来.   我本人非常高兴看到史维会与多伦多市教育局紧密合作,   共同努力,   将这段毋庸置疑的史实纳入历史教材.”

这将是史维会自2004年起,   连续第七次组织“和平与和解学习之旅”.   以前的参加者对这项活动都给予了很高的评价.  自1997年成立以来,   多伦多史维会一直致力于将日本侵华史和亚洲历史纳入西方国家历史教材的历史使命.   每年耗资十万加币以上的“和平与和解学习之旅”具有举足轻重的作用.   

多伦多史维会非常感谢媒体报道本次活动.   如有任何问题或需要安排专访,  请立刻联系多伦多史维会项目主任张京雷先生,   手机   (中国) :1370-129-0270,  电子邮件 (首选): 并抄送 .

多伦多亚洲二战实史维护会  (Toronto ALPHA/‘史维会’)   是一个独立的非政府民间机构,   成立于1997年,   主要由义工组成.   我们希望通过教育和提高公众认知,   使人们了解第二次世界大战在亚洲的真实历史,   促进国际对话和历史性的和解及永久和平,   进而普及真理、正义,   良知和全球公民化.


Statement in Support of Japanese Earthquake Victims

Thursday March 24, 2011

(TORONTO) Toronto ALPHA joins the world community in sympathy for those who had lost their lives, families and homes from the disastrous Tohoku earthquake, the subsequent tsunami and ongoing radiation leaks in Japan. ALPHA commends all those who have selflessly dedicated their efforts to aid the Japanese victims and believe that such efforts are a testament to our common commitment to humanity and global citizenship.

ALPHA works to promote awareness of war crimes and atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese Imperial Army. While our education efforts have often denounced the Japanese government’s refusal to either acknowledge its war crimes or offer any apology to the victims, ALPHA also recognises the significance of teaching our young generations to take action in the face of human suffering regardless of our ethnicity, national boundaries or unresolved historical dispute. We believe that it is only through embracing truth and selfless love that human race can be in harmony again.

At such a time, Toronto ALPHA sends our warmest wishes to the people of Japan.

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