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​Red Snow


Red Snow is a new Canadian play, inspired by survivors of the 1937 Nanjing Holocaust. The story raises a collective voice through culture, history and memory. A woman’s recurring nightmare of her grandparents’ favorite Chinese opera drives her to search for their silenced story. On her journey she falls in love with a man who is connected to the same forgotten holocaust. When their journeys collide why must they struggle to reconcile the past with the present?


My play, Red Snow, was initially inspired by Nancy Tong’s documentary, “In the Name of the Emperor”, about the rape and massacre of Nanking, China in 1937. It struck an emotional chord in me and gave me, as an artist, the imperative need to tell this story.  Until 1997, I had never heard of this holocaust and neither had many others. Many terrible events of World War II have been allowed catharsis. For Nanking and its forgotten holocaust, people are still fighting to unbury the truth and find to way to be heard and to be healed.  In the same year when I had started to research for my play, I met Iris Chang in Toronto on her justice campaign and the launch of her book, The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II, which furthered my journey into this history.

There still has been no apology or compensation for the Nanking Holocaust’s victims, as the Japanese government continues not to take responsibility for the atrocities their army committed in China and across Asia. This forgotten genocide deserves to have a voice in history to bring social awareness to the present international action towards justice and human rights for all nations. As a theatre artist, the stage is my platform to speak out creatively and publicly and to advocate art for social change, healing, peace and reconciliation towards community building.


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