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​Iris Chang DVD & Study Guide

ALPHA has produced DVDs for the docudrama film “Iris Chang - the Rape of Nanking” with 7-languages subtitles including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French and German. The DVD has been divided into 28 chapters, which provide easy references for teachers who use the accompanying, universal film study guides as a teaching tool in their classes.

The universal, subject-based study guide for the docudrama film was jointly produced by ALPHA and a group of Canadian educators. It can be used in any secondary school curriculum. The study guide assists teachers in various subjects, making references to respective chapters of the DVD. The study guide identifies the chapters and film-time in which specific issues are addressed. An article about the release of this study guide is available here.


To download a free copy of the DVD Study Guide, please click here.

To purchase a copy of the DVD with 7-language subtitles, please click here to order it from Amazon or email to or call 416-299-0111. 

To request a screening of "Iris Chang - The Rape of Nanking," please download the form here and submit it by e-mail or fax it to 1-866-248-5290.

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