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Youth Ambassador Board


This year, ALPHA established a ‘Youth Ambassador Board’ led by youth for youth. The vision of the board is pan-Asian youth collaboration for social justice and humanity, through raising awareness of East Asian history and current issues, intercultural dialogue, and transformative learning. With a core team in both Toronto and Hamilton, the Youth Ambassador Board welcomes new members.

How to get involved

Contact the Chair, join discussions online and offline, participate or volunteer at our awesome events! Chair: Minha R. Ha, (

 YAB echoes Toronto ALPHA’s commitment to peace-building and empowering young people to be global citizens. We care about those who have been impacted by human rights violations, because we believe in building a future where people of various backgrounds can live harmoniously with each other. Providing a safe space dialogue is just one step towards raising Canadian understanding of Asian history, and building trust and understanding among Pan-Asian communities.

What you will develop through participation·         

  • Profound learning in current social issues and related Asian history
  • Inspiration from community partners and mentors
  • Meaningful teamwork experience and organisational skills
  • Cross-cultural competencies


Canada is the perfect place to develop our cross-cultural competencies. There is an enormous creative and ethical potential in diversity, where we learn and co-labour to ensure equality, enhance relations between communities, and create conditions that ensure peace. As Canadians, we recognize the value of history education and civil dialogue. Local and global phenomena are intimately related, and we are learning to see through the layers with a critical perspective. We invite you to become a part of our shared efforts in fostering peace and equity, celebrating diversity, and promoting pluralism in Canada and around the world!

Youth Dialogue

Launched in 2011, the Youth Dialogue is an ongoing platform for youth to share perspectives on social justice and humanity. Each workshop has a different focus, such as the March Dialogue which focused on Youth Activism and Peace-Building, creating a space for promoting peace and reconciliation among diverse Asian and Canadian communities.

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